About Sustainia

Sustainia is an international sustainability think tank and consultancy working to accelerate action towards a sustainable future. In order to realize this, we work with companies, cities, and organizations to map their position, navigate the changing landscape, and communicate with impact.

We deliver sustainable innovation through:


Insights – mapping and analyzing

The world is changing fast and all organizations are struggling to stay ahead. Our research gives us insights into emerging sustainability markets as well as new business models, policies, and partnerships.

We can help you:

-Map and identify sustainable solutions
-Prepare for the future with trend analysis

Over the past five years, we have tracked more than 4,500 solutions from all over the world through our flagship Sustainia100 publication.
In 2017, we launch the Global Opportunity Explorer in partnership with DNV GL and UN Global Compact. It is a digital platform which offers direct access to some of the most innovative solutions and emerging market opportunities for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Involvement- navigating & collaborating

Behind every risk lies an opportunity. We apply this mindset to explore new markets through our network with hundreds of experts, thought leaders and business pioneers. We work with you to develop your very own navigation tool to tackle your most pressing challenges and help you find your way in an increasingly complex landscape.

We can help you:

-Turn your risks into business opportunities
– Co-create and innovate through our Opportunity Services


Impact – communicating and influencing

Powerful storytelling and captivating visuals drive influence and impact. We’re reshaping the narrative on sustainability by making it inclusive, positive, and compelling.

We can help you:

– Bring your sustainability agenda to life
– Create events with impact
– Inspire your audiences through multi-channel campaigns
Based on the latest research knowledge, combined with examples from available technologies, solutions and products, Sustainia specializes in creating sector-specific studies, analyses, trend reports, visual conceptualization and strategic communication campaigns, such as Eat in Sustainia and The State of Healthcare.


Sustainia’s mission

Sustainability is about improving your quality of life.

We believe change comes when people know what exciting possibilities a sustainable future holds. And we believe this is achieved by giving people insights into how their everyday life can be improved by sustainable practices. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to communicating the attractive and empowering aspects of sustainable living – while emphasising the urgency of the matter.

Sustainia’s mission is to work towards the ultimate goal defined by the Brundtland Commission on Sustainable Development in 1992: Letting future generations enjoy the same opportunities as we do today.