Sustainia is an innovation platform where companies, NGOs, foundations and thought leaders come together to support and work with a tangible approach to sustainability. With a focus on readily available solutions, Sustainia's mission is to mature markets and sectors for sustainable products and services. The work of Sustainia equips decision makers, CEOs and citizens with the solutions, arguments, visions, facts and network needed to accelerate sustainable transformation in sectors, industries and our everyday life.

Our work includes:

  • Identifying innovative and sustainable solutions from around the world readily available for implementation
  • Giving talks and inspiring presentations about the attractive sustainable future we could achieve with available solutions
  • Publishing guides to sustainable practices within cities and a wide range of sectors
  • Arranging workshop on sustainable living and megatrends in sustainability
  • Creating sector alliances and facilitate network between companies, scientists, organizations and civil society working with sustainability

With Sustainia, we are creating a vision of what a sustainable future could look like. Not Utopia or a distant dream. Building on scenarios where available solutions, innovation and technologies are implemented at large scale, Sustainia demonstrates the exciting sustainable societies we could live in.

By focusing on possibilities and benefits, Sustainia is reshaping a new narrative of optimism and hope for a sustainable future that seeks to inspire and motivate instead of scare people with gloom and doomsday scenarios.

Join Sustainia

Sustainia is a vibrant community of citizens, organizations and companies from all over the world. We believe that change is created bottom-up which is why we listen, discuss and develop our mission in a dialogue with our community. Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter, sign up for our Newsletter or come meet us at one of our events.


Sustainia maps solutions and research sustainable scenarios in the following 10 sectors.
Buildings SectorBuildings
Food SectorFood
Fashion SectonFashion
Transport SectorTransportation
IT sectorIT
Education SectorEducation
Energy SectorEnergy
Health SectorHealth
Cities SectorCities
Resources SectorResources