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Sustainia is a thriving community of world-leading companies, sustainability organizations, foundations and citizens around the world. No person or organization has all the answers. So we made an active community part of Sustainia’s DNA. Ideas, solutions, questions, feedback, and news from all of you is simply what drives our work.

For general enquiries you can send an email to, otherwise you are welcome to email directly to the respective members of the Sustainia Team.

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Sustainia Job Opportunities

Sustainia is continuously growing and we are often on the look out for talented professionals to join our team! We don’t have any vacancies at present, but you are always welcome to contact us.

Erik Rasmussen

Founder of Sustainia

Laura Storm

Executive Director

Solvej Karlshøj Christiansen

Project Director

Morten Jastrup

Project Director

Anne Schärfe

Project Manager

Fabijana Popovic

Project Manager

Tine Rubeck Andreasen

Project Manager

Emil Damgaard Grann

Research Manager

Elisabeth Larsen

Project Coordinator

Carsten Ludwigsen

Project Coordinator

Monica Keaney

Project Coordinator

Maria Toft

Project Coordinator

Esben Alslund-Lanthén

Research Analyst

Anders Vestergaard Jensen

Senior Analyst

Signe Bjørg Jensen

Network Manager

Martin Larsen

Network Manager

Josianne Galea

Research Analyst

Marie Louise Goervild

Communications Manager

Benjamin Troskie

Digital Media Officer

Joanna Hagstrøm

Project Coordinator

Lisa Haglund

Graphic Designer

Mark Minevich

Strategic Adviser