→ Sustainia Award Winner 2015

The redesign of Indian city Chennai wins the 2015 Sustainia Award, chaired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, for its solution to the city’s mounting air pollution and traffic casualties. Chennai receives the award while dealing with severe floods that have left most of the city under water placing the climate change agenda top of mind.

The solution requires at least 60 per cent of the city’s transport budget to be allocated to a full-scale redesign, including expanded footpaths, safe pedestrian crossings, protected cycle tracks, properly scaled carriageways, conveniently placed bus stops and clearly designated on-street parking. It is a solution with far-reaching health and environmental benefits thanks to smart transport adaptations.

“Cities generate the lion’s share of greenhouse gases, but the Sustainia Award Winner from Chennai reminds us that cities also have the agility and power to act quickly and create solutions that benefit their citizens and the planet. I love these kinds of solutions, because they inspire other cities to take action and not wait for their national governments to do it for them.” says Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California and chair of Sustainia Award.​

With more than 10,000 traffic crashes reported in Chennai every year, among the highest number of road deaths in India, and outdoor pollution as the city’s top health risk, this year’s Sustainia Award winner responds to a critical challenge.

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The aim of the WORLD CLIMATE SUMMIT day program is to give an overview of the current state of sustainable innovation and explore how existing knowledge can inspire cross-sector collaboration and partnerships.

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The SUSTAINIA AWARD CEREMONY evening program will answer the question on everyones mind at COP21, “How do we turn the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals into new opportunities for sustainable growth?” Join us as we explore solutions, opportunities and sustainable innovation. Pick up the programme for the SUSTAINIA AWARD CEREMONY here.

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→ The beautiful Hotel Potocki in Paris

For the last three years, the Sustainia Award Ceremony has been held in the Danish Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, but this year we are taking the solutions to the beautiful Hotel Potocki in Paris. COP21 is about more than emissions targets, it is about your future and we invite you to have a say in it by joining us at Potocki or following the live video streaming from the comfort of your living room.

The Hotel Potocki is a luxurious palace constructed in 1875 in the 8th arondissement previously in the hands of the Polish noble family Potocki. Currently, it is the headquarter of the Paris Chamber of Commerce.

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Standing behind our event is a strong coalition of global partners, who all push for the acceleration and adaptation of sustainable solutions. Representing a holistic understanding of sustainability, our partners represent different entry points for change: from food to health to city development.



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