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With our Sustainia events, we tell real life stories about inventions and solutions, introducing you to new opportunities, markets and surprising ideas. We use arts and culture to communicate in a language that breaks down old silos, perceptions and barriers and forms stories about the impact of innovation, co-creation and new means of communication. Our events gather leading business executives, policy makers, academia as well as innovators and entrepreneurs. Our events will inspire, motivate and provoke you.

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Paris, December

For the fourth year in a row, Sustainia will celebrate solutions, technologies and projects with significant potential to help build more sustainable societies. Sustainia wants to ensure 2015 will have a place in history as the year of solutions that address climate change and sustainability. Therefore, this year we are moving the Sustainia Award Ceremony to Paris as we present solutions for the UN Summit COP21. Keep posted for more details.



Our partner events you should know about

Looking for inspiration and latest news from the world of sustainability? We are fortunate to work with some of the most innovative companies and organizations around the globe. Their events are filled with cutting-edge speakers, thought leaders, young innovators and a broad spectrum of change makers for you to stay updated, inspired and connected. Check them out here.

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With more than 3000 sustainability cases developed in Peru, China, Kenya, Bhutan, India, Russia, USA and over 40 more countries, we have lots to say.

Book us for an inspirational talk, keynote on latest trends or a workshop diving into a specific area such as: Circular economy, sharing economy, sustainable opportunity review, the politics of climate change, draughts and water innovations, smart buildings, responsible supply chains etc.

Executive Director of Sustainia, Laura Storm, is an experienced speaker on sustainability innovations and latest developments. Named World Changer 2014 by renowned media Greenbiz, Laura Storm is a strong voice on the global sustainability scene.

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