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Sustainia100 unveiled at Rio+20!

Sustainia100 is unveiled!

Last night, June 20, our very first Sustainia100 was unveiled in front of a powerful crowd at the UN’s Rio+20 conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Read the Sustainia100, download it, see who’s in it, and get background information here!

Press materiels here.

In the coming days we’ll constantly be updating our Facebook site with pictures, video, and everything we have from this event.

“I’m very excited and inspired by the Sustainia100, as it makes it absolutely clear that our mission is possible,” says Arnold Schwarzenegger, Honorary Chair of Sustainia. “It says we do have the ammunition we need to tackle this challenge. That we have what it takes to create fun and attractive societies without destroying our planet.”

“Securing the planet for future generations is a global collaborative task,” says Gro Harlem Brundtland, Former Prime Minister of Norway, and organizer of the original Rio Earth Summit 20 years ago. “Sustainia100 demonstrates that since the first Earth Summit in 1992 solutions and innovations to tackle this challenge have been developed all over the world. We need to make more people aware of these solutions and inspire more to act.

“With the Sustainia100 there’s no excuse for not choosing a sustainable path to the future. The solutions are here. Ready for use.”

“Science has long provided a body of knowledge that covers the huge and vast potential of sustainable solutions,” says Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. “With Sustainia, we now have a platform that communicates this potential in a clear and comprehensive manner to a broad audience of politicians and corporations as well as civil society.”

“Sustainia makes science easier to understand for a larger group of people, which is just what we need to meet the challenges ahead.”

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