Exploring the sustainable societies of tomorrow

With close collaborations with partners and relevant stakeholders, we have explored key sectors to create guides that highlight best sustainability practice in those sectors. Our sector focus has given us the opportunity to make the arguments for change, share the solutions and explore the opportunities in the challenges facing these sectors. If you want to explore a sector of your choice, let us know and we will be happy to chat about the potential collaborations opportunities.

Below you will find two sectors we have explored with multiple partners and stakeholder groups.

Ask our Project Manager for a quick introduction to current and future sector activities:
Anne Schärfe

Exploring the Sustainable Buildings of Tomorrow

Why are buildings the most crucial sector to be made sustainable? Explore the background and the data that shows how investing in sustainable buildings can create benefits for people, profit and planet.


Co-Creating Health and Healthcare

In our journey in Co-Creating Healthcare we have collected a lot of knowledge and inspiration for the future of health and healthcare. We invite you to explore our publications which has shaped the global journey we have embarked on.


More knowledge from Sustainia and MondayMorning

Sustainia builds on a wealth of knowledge. We’re strongly rooted in the Scandinavian Think Tank Monday Morning who since 1989 has addressed mega trends in our society – sustainability, climate change policy, financial systems, urban planning to name a few. We’re proud to share this legacy with our Sustainia community. Below you can find a sample of some of these reports and thought leading publications Sustainia has had a part in over the years written in both english and danish. PDFs are free to download and some publications are available in hard copies. Any requests or enquiries can be sent to

2050 – Something’s Green in the State of Denmark

Energiindeks Danmark

Less Energy
More Growth

Beyond Green

Risk & Opportunity
Report 2009

The Greatest Story
Never Told

Green Growth:
From Religion to Reality

Shaping The Green
Growth Economy

Copenhagen Call

Shaping the
Sustainable Economy

Thought Leadership
Series 1-4

The Business Case for a Strong Global Deal