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Together with UN Global Compact, we are creating the world’s largest platform of sustainable solutions, building on the foundation of five years of Sustainia100 publications.
The platform will go live on April 26th, at which point we will also begin our search for new submissions. Please register below to receive a notification as soon as the submission period is open again. If you have submitted a solution to Sustainia since March of 2016, you will automatically be contacted for more information.

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What is Sustainia100?

SUSTAINIA100 is an annual guide to 100 innovative sustainable solutions from around the world. The guide identifies readily available projects, initiatives and technologies at the forefront of sustainable innovation. Last year, Sustainia’s research team and advisory board screened over 1,500 solutions, from which the final 100 solutions were selected. The SUSTAINIA100 gives investors, business leaders, policy makers and consumers insights into promising solutions within their respective fields.

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Who is behind Sustainia100?

The international think tank and consultancy SUSTAINIA is behind the annual SUSTAINIA100 guide. With a focus on identifying and advocating readily available, financially viable, and ultimately scalable innovations, SUSTAINIA’s mission is to uncover and communicate the solutions that will help us achieve a sustainable future. SUSTAINIA brings together an international alliance of partners – including companies, NGOs, foundations and thought leaders – that work together across sectors to accelerate sustainable transformation of industries and lifestyles. Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger serves as Honorary Chair of SUSTAINIA.

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What are the Sustainia100 selection criteria?

In consultation with an independent advisory board, the submitted solutions are carefully vetted and selected using five evaluation criteria. All solutions must:

1 – Be readily available
2 – Have a positive environmental impact
3 – Be financially viable
4 – Improve quality of life
5 – Be scalable

What sectors does Sustainia Cover?

SUSTAINIA100 covers innovative solutions over our uniquely defined 10 sectors: Education, Energy, Health, Cities, Resources, Buildings, Food, Fashion, Transportation and Information Technology.

Buildings Sector
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Resources Sector

How are the 100 solutions selected?

The SUSTAINIA100 solutions are selected based on the three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. SUSTAINIA is constantly on the hunt for innovative and sustainable solutions, and our search culminates in a submission campaign in February. Through our online platform, innovators from around the globe can submit their solutions or tip us on solutions they find interesting. The submissions are supplemented by extensive research carried out internally to ensure quality as well as geographic and sector diversity. Solutions are then analyzed by the SUSTAINIA research team and an external advisory board and the top 10 in each sector are unveiled in the SUSTAINIA100.