Chosen by Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Sustainia Award Committee

TaKaDu – Big Data solution increasing water network efficiency and reducing water loss
Water utilities loose an estimated $14 billion due to inefficiencies in the water supply network. TaKaDu is a software program that uses data from sensors to create alerts for irregularities in water supplies such as leaking pipes. By collecting and analyzing big data sets from water pipe sensors water, inefficiencies and damage to our water supplies is caught in the early stages. When leaks are located alerts are send to the users via an easy-to-use web application. This technology saves water, energy, money and time for utilities and residents of various cities across the planet. The software can be deployed quickly and remotely, with no need for capital expenditure or onsite installation, allowing for wide adoption and scalability.


Chosen by the Sustainia online community.

Liter of Light – Bottling sunlight for off-grid housing
Over 1 billion people around the world don’t have access to energy – including 15 million people in the Philippines. Liter of Lighter has a simple solution. Using plastic bottles only, sunlight is captured for use inside off-grid housing. Each plastic bottle is filled with water and a bit of bleach and inserted through a roof. The bottle refracts sunlight with the intensity of a 55-watt light bulb that is powerful enough to light up a room. A nighttime upgrade with a solar panel retails at $10 making residents benefit from the solution after sunset. 20 months after project start, Liter of Light has grown from one bottle lamp in the Philippines to 350,000 lights in 10 countries.

Sustainia Award TOP10 Finalists 2013

The selected top-10 projects competed for the international green accolade, Sustainia Award 2013, headed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and chair of UN’s panel on climate change (IPCC), Dr. Rajendra Pachauri.

Selected among more than 500 projects submitted from 79 countries, the top-10 are distinctive, as all cases are successful drivers of green practice in their communities and industries.