Thank you for celebrating the world’s most sustainable solutions with your vote. We have closed the vote – but the celebration is not over yet. Stay tuned for the announcement of the Sustainia Award and Sustainia Community Award winners. Meanwhile, read more about the solutions and be inspired by our 10 finalists

Read more about the solutions:

  • Beef-Flavored Plant-Based Burgers (Impossible Foods)

    Using advanced tech­no­logy, Impossible Foods copies the taste and texture of meat and dairy products to create a 100% plant-based alternative. See solution details
  • Improving Rights and Well-Being for Informal Workforce

    Nest provides tailor-made training programs and improved work­ing conditions to artisans and homeworkers in the informal homework sector of the global fashion in­dustry. See solution details
  • Using Cell Phones to Map Informal Transit

    Digital Matatus uses cell phone technology to map informal transit routes in developing countries and shares this data at no cost to help im­prove citizen services. See solution details
  • Cutting E-Waste with Modular Consumer Electronics

    Nascent Objects provides people with the opportunity to design and re­use modular electronics, giving hard­ware a much longer shelf life. See solution details
  • Women’s Coding School Bridges Gender Gap

    Code to Inspire teaches Afghan women computer coding and empowers them to find employment or pursue entrepreneurial ventures. See solution details
  • Pay-As-You-Go Solar Energy to Off-Grid Households

    M-KOPA provides pay-as-you-go energy services to off grid customers by combining micropayment and mobile technology to en­able leasing of solar power systems. See solution details
  • SMS-Driven Toolkit Improves Maternal and Child Health

    Totohealth reduces maternal and child mortality in low resource communities in developing countries by offering an SMS information service and low-cost health supplies. See solution details
  • Sharing Resources to Solve Urban Challenges

    By encouraging the sharing of idle services and products, Seoul Metropolitan Government reduces unnecessary resource use and waste while boosting local businesses. See solution details
  • Vertical Ocean Farming Creates Healthy Ecosystems

    GreenWave’s vertical ocean farm­ing systems assist ocean farmers in producing healthy and local foods, while capturing carbon and providing a source for biofuel. See solution details
  • Architecture Projects Using Local Materials and Workforce

    MASS is a design group that focuses on using building projects to empower the local community by employing a mainly local workforce and utilizing local materials. See solution details